Editorial Board

Editorial Boards: Past and Present


2016, Issue 4 (forthcoming)

Editor-in-Chief: Elitza Kotzeva

Tech Editor: Edie-Marie Roper

Lit. Editor(s): Amy May

Rhet./Comp. Editor(s): Lacy Hope

Copy editor: Tyler Ringstad

Communications & Marketing: Edie-Marie Roper


2015, Issue 3

Editor-in-Chief: Edie-Marie Roper

Tech Editor: Kerry Clark

Lit. Editor: Hallie Kaiser

Rhet./Comp. Editor: Lauren Kelly


2014, Issue 2

Editor-in-Chief: Lindsay Williams

Tech Editor: Kerry Clark

Assistant Tech Editor: Hallie Kaiser

Lit. Editor: Benjamin Carlton

Rhet./Comp. Editor: Lauren Kelly

Communications Editor: Edie-Marie Roper


2013, Issue 1

Editor-in-Chief: Courtney King

Tech Editor: Jennifer Lin O’Brien

Assistant Tech Editor: Kerry Clark

 Lit. Editor: Lindsay Williams

Rhet./Comp. Editor: Thomas Pickering

Communications Editor: Catherine Tetz


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