Issue 3: Exploring Narratives


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Family Food by Kayla Sparks


Issue 2: Representing the Body


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“A Whoredom Unmasked” in John Williams’s Warnings to the Unclean by Justin Grant

“Contact Zones”: Animality, Womanhood, and the Inadequacies of Reason in Elizabeth Costello by Michelle O’Brien

The Presence of “All Bodies and Nobodies” in Jean Toomer’s Cane by Jill Goad

Aesthetics and Athletics: Staring at Difference in ESPN the Magazine’s “Bodies We Want” by Lorin Shellenberger

Man, You Have Moobs! A Critical Analysis of the Fat, “Polluted” Body in The Biggest Loser by Lauren Bosc

Sexualizing the Transgendered Body in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Boys Don’t Cry by Brandon Arroyo

Issue 1: Texts, Technologies, and Remediation


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Crucial Convergence: Scott Pilgrim as Transmedial Test Case by Kyle Eveleth

Significant Intervals Between Print and Video Poetry by Rachael Sullivan

Using Facebook Within a Composition Course to Promote Ira Shor’s “Liberatory Learning” by Gina Marie Giardina

Negotiating with an Imaginary Audience: Limitations of Social Constructivist Notions of Ethos for First-Year Composition by Katrina Miller

Review of Reading, Writing, and the Rhetorics of Whiteness by Kristi McDuffie


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